• It's free come get high on me before a nine millimeter shell hit my Pelle Pelle in the P
    The Roots - Long Time
  • I'm chi as buck fifties
    and Pelle Pelle leathers
    some say, my beats
    made The Bulls play better
    Kanye West - Back To Basics
  • My run is like machine gun Kelly,
    with a black skulle,
    put one in your belly,
    leave you smelly,
    and take your Pelle Pelle
    BIG L - M.V.P
  • Googi sweaters, Pelle leathers
    I been doing this forever, so whatever
    however, whereever, whenever
    why ever I back down never (I'll never)
    Jay-Z - Give It To Me
  • Grabbed my Pelle Pelle
    cause I wanna look fly when I die,
    but it ain't my turn to say goodbye
    Mobb Deep - Prodigy - Take It In Blood
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